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February 22, 2017
5 ideas to reuse wax crayons
July 15, 2017
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5 ideas to recycle wax crayons

The art of drawing is a marvelous art, suitable for all ages and all types of people. Drawing is beautiful, relaxing and stimulates creativity. Usually it is said that the drawing is particularly important for the child, who through this form of expression, external what he thinks, experiences and experiences. It is not new, in fact, that the design is analyzed by some psychological, as if it were a calligraphy: it can also reveal various things, more than you would expect. But to design, the most common tools are needed: raise your hand, those of you who have never used wax crayons to draw or paint.
The wax crayons are an evergreen, used in schools, they are suitable for all ages, as they are versatile and easy to use.
But what to do when they are about to end, or no longer needed?
And this is precisely what I will talk about in this list, specifically I will list the 5 ideas to recycle the wax crayons.

In addition to being loose to create beautiful multicolor candles, the wax crayons can also be melted to create something else: 3D prints. Also in this case the procedure is simple and quick: melt the crayons and pour into the molds and various molds, let cool and extract gently. In this way you can create writings, phrases or names, etc.

Given the versatility of wax crayons, you could really go crazy. Another nice idea to recycle them is to create a 3D picture. This time instead of melting the wax crayons, you will have to use them as they are, and assemble them in order to create a figure.
All you have to do is recover all the advanced crayons, put on a canvas or a piece of cardboard and glue them on, creating your 3D design.

The Christmas period makes us all more good and even more creative, especially when it comes to creating decorations or making small gifts. To this end, wax crayons can also be used: you could use them as they are, sticking on the ribbon so you can hang them on the tree, or you could melt them again.
Once you have melted, you could make some crayons to hang on your Christmas tree, or give as gifts.

Creating a painting is certainly not simple, it takes inspiration and creativity, as well as a lot of patience. Patience will depend on you, but you could use wax crayons for inspiration. Start by taking some and place them on top of the canvas, one after the other.
Then take a hair dryer and point it on the pastels: the heat will melt the color, which will spread to the rest of the canvas, creating a particularly colorful and abstract effect.


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