5 ideas to recycle wax crayons
April 2, 2017
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November 22, 2017
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5 ideas to reuse wax crayons

If we have wax crayons that have visibly shortened and we do not know how to use them, it is important to know that instead of throwing them, we can recycle them and exploit them for many other decorations of objects. With reference to this, here is a list with 5 ideas to easily reuse wax crayons.

A first idea is to dissolve the pastels all having the same color tone in a bain-marie pan, and then pour them on a marble shelf, thus obtaining a compact substance that we then use as a plastichina, to create small and decorated objects of home furnishings. Also for the sculptures the wax of the pastels can be useful, since it is possible to model it with the hands. However to make it more malleable during processing, we can also add a few drops of oil.

Always using the bain-marie system, the crayons instead of pouring them on a shelf to make them solidify, we leave them still warm and then we use them to paint a pencil drawing on a wooden board. In this case it is possible to carry out the operation with a small brush, being the substance rather liquid, and therefore similar to that of oil or tempera colors.

Another very functional idea is to use wax crayons as a filler for some cavities, such as the cracks on the wood or on a wall. However, if for example we have a silver ring on which the color of the contours has been consumed, the wax may be useful to fill the missing shades again.

If a shelf of a piece of furniture appears to be rather damaged and we do not intend to cover it with a doily, of paper or varnish, we can use the wax of the crayons to decorate it. In this case, in a pan in a water bath we melt all the colors, obtaining a shade, for example, on the dark brown that we pour still boiling on the shelf of the piece of furniture, and then spread it with a spatula. In the end, the result gives us a compact and colored surface.

One of the best ideas for reusing wax crayons is to melt them in a bain-marie pan (to prevent them from burning), adding carnauba wax. In this way it is still hot, the mixture is poured into small molds of aluminum and before it solidifies, we add a wick for candles, creating at the end the latter of circular shape, of various shades and great decorative effect.


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