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How to use crayons in an alternative way

If you like to enjoy yourself from time to time with the colors you will certainly be familiar with pastel colors. These are also excellent for use in the little ones’ company. The pastels are excellent colors to create different types of design, from the classic to those similar to graffiti. They are very used tools in drawing for coloring and the right way to use them is perhaps taught us at an early age, since the kindergarten. Naturally, it will be necessary to refine this capacity with time and experience, to better understand certain annexed techniques. In this guide we will explain how to use crayons in an alternative way.

Pastels, pencil sharpener, drawing paper.

The technique of use that we are going to illustrate is to be used specifically if you have to color a background or to give a shaded effect almost imperceptible, but still particular. You will have to get a drawing sheet and on this you will have to temper pastels of various colors. In particular you will have to fear only the tip of the lead in the pastel. Pay attention to minimize the brownish residues of the pencil and making only the colored tip crumble, to avoid messing or obtaining a not really clean and clear shade.

If you fall down many brown residues on the sheet, simply delete them gently after your work. In this way you will have a mountain of colored ash on the drawing paper. To realize your nuanced effect, just swipe the index finger up slightly and start drawing small circles in a very light way. The sheet will be so colored through the mix of tempered pastels, creating a very special and beautiful shaded effect, worthy of a background for a beautiful design, or if you want to create special frames, creating beautiful shading.

This technique can be used even if you want to color a previously made drawing. Once you have established the contours of each individual element of the design, it will be enough to temper the tip of the crayon of the color suitable for a given element. Then fade then with your fingertips. In this way every single subject and element will be the color you want, but with a soft and delicate effect. So you just have to try alone or in the company of your children who will surely have fun.

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