Use waxy colors in a decorative way
November 22, 2017
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Recycle wax figures into something creative

If you are a parent of young children at home, you certainly have wax crayons. With the passage of time and with frequent use they become so small that they can not be held in their hands. Instead of throwing them you can recycle and get crayons as new or original candles. Reading this tutorial you can have some useful advice about it.

almost finished wax crayons
muffin molds
cotton thread

The first thing to do is to recover the wax crayons that are about to be consumed completely. When you can no longer hold them in your hand means that the length is the right one. Now you have to remove the paper that is around the wax crayon. You must take a muffin pan with several compartments and put the crayons in each compartment. Subsequently the oven must be turned on and when it reaches the temperature of 80 ° C it is necessary to put the pan in the oven for about 10 minutes.

Then, remove the pan from the oven and remove the wax blocks from the molds and wait for them to harden. At this point you have to cut them into pieces and work them until they take a cylindrical shape. After this operation has been done, let it cool completely. Now the wax crayons are ready; however, there are variations to this procedure.

The first variant can be made by giving a color to the pastels. Instead of grouping them and putting the same color into each mold, you can decide to mix them. In this way a wax block is obtained with a magnificent marbled effect. From this block you can make multicolored crayons that will surely delight their children.

A second variation concerns the shape; in fact, instead of the muffin mold you can use the shapes of the biscuits to make original wax crayons. Alternatively, you can put the crayons in a rectangular pan. After you have melted you have to wait a couple of minutes to let them cool down completely so they are still moldable. With this procedure the different blocks can be worked to give them the shapes that you prefer.

Another way to recycle wax crayons is to use them to color candles. You have to buy white or colorless flake wax that is easily found in hobby shops. Take the crayons, grate and mix with the scaled wax. Then, melt everything in a bain-marie until a smooth consistency is obtained. At this point the mixture is poured into the molds for the muffins, a cotton thread is added, which acts as a wick, and is allowed to cool. In this way you get original and colorful candles.

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