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July 15, 2017
Recycle wax figures into something creative
December 15, 2017
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Use waxy colors in a decorative way

Children and teenagers often color their designs with wax crayons. In fact, this technique is widely used, as it allows you to achieve excellent work. A colored drawing with wax crayons, is distinguished from other techniques, as it allows in particular to obtain many shades of color. You get results also very close to the most difficult techniques like tempera painting or even oil. Then let’s say the truth, wax crayons are easy to use and also pleasant. Possible errors in the coloring are quite easily camouflaged and carrying out a satisfactory design is quite frequent. We will see below, how we could make the wax crayons at home, in case we wanted to delight in this experiment. One thing that must be taken into consideration immediately, to do this, is that we must keep the worn pieces of wax crayons, as we will reuse them.

glass jar
stick of lipstick or lip balm
fragments of wax crayons

For the realization of this project we need the fragments of the old wax crayons. In fact, every time our children consume the pastels, they reduce them to small fragments so minute that they can not be held in their hands. For this reason it is possible to put them aside to give them new life. That’s how. After collecting a good amount of fragments, even of all colors, select them by shade and do the following. Insert the fragments of a single color into a glass jar and insert it in the microwave oven at maximum power, waiting for all the fragments to melt completely.

If you do not have a microwave oven available, you can do this simply by placing the glass jar inside a pot filled with water that reaches half the height of the glass jar (the classic bain-marie). Let it boil until, in the glass jar, the fragments of the pastels have not completely melted. At this point you can take the lip balm sticks or finished lipsticks that you have previously put aside and cleaned up the old contents.

Unscrew the jar bringing the base that supported the contents as low as possible. Now, very gently and using the right precautions to avoid scalding, pour the mixture dissolved in the jar. Lay it on a work surface in a straight position and wait until the contents solidify perfectly. There is a method, which will certainly help us to speed up the times, so as to get them as soon as possible, and that is to insert our jars, inside the refrigerator. So, just wait about twenty minutes, and then our crayons will be ready.

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